Black and white photo of turner hall in 1883

Turner hall restaurant logo

With good beer and food provided to encourage lively debate and friendly companionship, the clubhouse (one of our dining areas) became a gathering place with décor to match the ideals of the Turners. Everywhere you look you will find messages and images that celebrate the Turner movement.

Turner Hall is filled with inspiring imagery, including unique murals, stained glass and architectural details. The Turners created a social club where they could exercise, meet for political issues and relax.

The rare and beautiful murals were painted by German panoramic artists and depict important moments in the Turner movement. The letters embedded in the stained glass reinforce the paintings themes with reminders to live: Frisch (fresh or lively), Fromm (Pious), Froehlich (Happy), and Frei (Free). *Note: Fromm (Pious) was replaced by Treu (Loyal)

Today, the Turners organization continues to offer gymnastics programs, a climbing wall, yoga and fencing classes, in addition to hosting the 4th Street Forum. (A nonpartisan program fostering public discussion of political and social issues of concern to our community). Upstairs, the Turner Ballroom Preservation Trust renovated this historic treasure known simply as Turner Hall Ballroom, where the Pabst Theater stages popular music concerts, showcasing Milwaukee’s thriving art scene and supporting a diversity of established and emerging artists.

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